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Last Updated on   10/10/2017


I'm no longer collecting tokens so what I have left is available for sale or I'll trade for casino slot cards

Check my Delcampe sales or make me an offer if you find something of interest!


I also have all the ABC and WIBC bowling tournament token sets in their original velvet cases

Contact me for more info on what's available.


Click on any token pictured below to view larger images  -- Tokens are listed in alphabetical order by casino name!

$1 Castaways (LV)

$1 Circus Circus (Reno)

2003 WIBC with Statue of Liberity Sticker

$1 Delta Saloon (NV)

$5 Doc Holiday (CO)

1993 Brass token (3 available)

$1 Eldorado (Reno)

2003 WIBC with State of Liberity Sticker

$1 Excalibur (LV)

The Minstrel (have another extra but it's very worn)

$1 Excalibur (LV)

Fair Maiden

$1 Excalibur (LV)

Arthur & Guinevere

$1 Excalibur (LV)

Jousting Knights

$1 Excalibur (LV)


$1 Excalibur (LV)

Lady of the Lake

$1 Excalibur (LV)

The Dragon

NCV Four Queens (LV)

Very light metal promotional token (3 available)

$1 Gold Creek (CO)

2004 Grand Opening - Mint in original air tight case direct from casino

$1 Otto's (CO)


$1 Pinon Plaza (NV)


$1 Puerto Rico


$1 Riverside (NV)

$1 Santa Fe (LV)

$1 Showboat (AC)